Arsenic levels are a real concern for parents, especially since last year Consumer Reports and the FDA revealed findings of high levels of arsenic in rice products, including infant cereals. Consumer Reports revealed their findings in the chart below, with levels of arsenic in baby cereals ranging between 97.7 ppb and 329 ppb. This is staggering considering the EPA standard for arsenic in drinking water is less than 10 ppb!


The harmful effects of high arsenic levels have been linked to cancer, heart disease and poor brain function in young children. The FDA continues to investigate, but states that their reports are consistent with Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports continues to warn parents about harmful levels of arsenic in infant cereal and are calling for FDA regulation on arsenic levels.

These findings come as a shock to parents, many of whom received recommendations to thicken their infant’s diet with rice cereal. Gelmix Thickener is a healthier alternative to rice cereals, as testing reveals no traceable level of arsenic (<10 ppb) in Gelmix products.*

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*Every batch of Gelmix is tested for safety, quality and purity. Certificate of Analysis by COVANCE on May 22, 2013 shows no traceable amount of Arsenic (<10 ppb). Covance is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies.
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